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When it comes to western hunting, we tend to have detailed gear lists and keep everything very organized. Why shouldn’t we do the same with hunting mountain bucks in the Appalachian Range? I believe in staying organized and having a system to make your hunts go smoother. Hunting the Appalachian Range differs from hunting the Midwest and other areas for whitetails. On public land and even on big private tracts that are open to public hunting, we are packing in and out of stands every day, breaking down the deer and packing out the meat, and other caveats that are just different than what you read in most magazines. This means that we have to have a specific list of tools needed and used to accommodate this unique hunting style.

That said, here is my gear list for what I’m carrying in my pack and on me during the rut in Pennsylvania and throughout the Appalachian Mountains.


Hunting Gear:


Water Filtration:

Hunting/Kill Kit:

First Aid/Emergency Kit:

  • Uncharted Triage kit - 10 UCO storm matches, 6 fabric 1x3in bandages, 4 - 7 in zip ties, 2 - Fabric 2x4in bandaids, 3 safety pins, 2 aspirin 2/pack, 4 PDI lub jelly, 2 - wound closure strips 5/pk, flat pack 5 yd duct tape, 2' 22 gauge bailing wire, Emergency mylar blanket, allergy meds, cold meds, med wrap, tourniquette, leukotape, super glue, quickclot, ibuprofen, cough drops, first aid book, ZIPPO lighter

  • Toilet paper and DUDE Wipes

  • Inside MTN OPS Flash 1L Bag - Bright Orange


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Bow Setup:

This list is always changing as I'm tweaking and finding out what works best for me and my hunting style. If you have any questions on any gear I use, please comment below!

Note: I do receive a small commission from some of the links and discount codes. I appreciate you supporting what I do!

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