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When it comes to western hunting, we tend to have detailed gear lists and keep everything very organized. Why shouldn’t we do the same with hunting mountain bucks in the Appalachian Range? I am a big believer in staying organized and having a system to make your hunts go smoother. Hunting the big woods is different than hunting the Midwest and other areas for whitetails. On public land and even on big private tracts that are open to public hunting, we are packing in and out of stands every day, breaking down the deer and packing out the meat, and other caveats that are just different than what you read in most magazines. This means that we have to have a specific list of tools needed and used to accommodate this unique hunting style.

With that being said, here is my gear list for what I’m carrying in my pack and on me during the rut in Pennsylvania and throughout the Appalachian Mountains. You can hear me go through each of these items in detail on the East Meets West Hunt podcast, Episode 104.


  • Prototype pack - this will be updated in early 2020!

Water Filtration:

I always keep at least one trail camera in my pack. While scouting/mobile hunting, I want to always have one available to set up on the fly.


Photo: Shannon Vandivier




As with hunting elk, I like to quarter mountain bucks in the field and pack them out. In my opinion, this method is much easier than dragging a long ways through steep terrain. Photo: Justin Mueller

Hunting/Kill Kit:

Camera Gear



Stand Setup:



This list is always changing as I'm tweaking and finding out what works best for me and my style of hunting. I’m looking to lighten up my saddle hunting setup even more using less sticks next year. If you have any questions on any gear I use, feel free to comment below!

Listen to East Meets West Hunt podcast episode 104 to hear me break down each item and how/why I’m using it!

You can find all of the items that are available on Amazon at the link below. I do receive a small commission from Amazon for any purchases that are used with any of the links above or by visiting the East Meets West Outdoors Amazon store.

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