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Article by Beau Martonik

Some of us choose to hunt turkeys a little different than others. We aren't sitting in a blind on a field edge - we are running ridges constantly moving trying to locate an old mountain gobbler. This is the style of hunting that a lot of us dream about in the Appalachian Mountains and throughout the country. Here is my go to clothing system for the run and gun style of turkey hunting.

Beau’s SITKA Gear System for Mountain Gobblers:

Time of Year: Spring

Temperature range: 35-80 degrees F

Preferred Camo Pattern: Gore Optifade Subalpine

Base Layer – Top:

Sitka Gear Core Lightweight Hoody and Core Lightweight SS shirt. The fast drying performance of the Core Lightweight pieces allow me to move quickly in a run and gun style that may work up a sweat, but will dry just as fast. I will either use the the core lightweight hoody over top off the short sleeve, or I'll use the hoody by itself. The form fitted hood and built in face mask is key for keeping you concealed against the sharp eyes of these turkeys.

Base Layer – Bottom:

Sitka Gear Core Lightweight Boxers. Your system is as only as good as your base layers which include your underwear. Fast drying and polygiene odor treated.


Sitka Gear Kelvin Active jacket. This is one of my all-time favorite Sitka layers. This piece feels similar to a puffy jacket and is breathable due to its Polartec Alpha insulation. In addition, it has a quiet nylon face with a Durable Water Repellent finish that makes it good as an outer layer in mild/cool conditions. It's so lightweight and packable that you can stuff it in your turkey vest once the sun heats up the hillsides in the morning. When you pick this jacket up, it literally feels like nothing, but is strong enough to bust through brush in the dark trying to hurry before the gobblers awake in the roost.

Outer Layer – Bottom:

Sitka Gear Ascent Pants. Quick drying, four-way stretch, durable, and with removable knee pad pockets. I use the knee pads in them which is great for shooting off of your knees against a tree with your bow and for shooting from the prone position.

Rain Gear:

Sitka Gear Flash Pullover. Lightweight, packable, and Gore-Tex Infinium. These are not Gore-tex nor are they labeled as 100% waterproof, but I have yet to get wet in it with the windstopper and taped seams. For me, the lightweight and packability trumps the need for 100% waterproof. It's a little loud so it's not the best to wear when you're trying to be stealthy, so if I have one coming in, I usually just allow the Kelvin active to get a little wet knowing that it'll dry out when I start hiking again and leave the Flash pullover in my vest or pack. The Ascent Pants dry out quick enough that I don’t necessarily need a rain pant.


Sitka Gear Ascent Gaiters. Low profile, durable water repellent. Keeps my socks dry and the ticks from crawling up my pant leg.

Sitka Gear Ascent Gloves. Lightweight and fast drying. Notice a trend here? Adds the necessary concealment I need.

East Meets West Timber Trucker Hat. Multicam tropic camo pattern, great fit and the Mountain Bucks logo on a leather patch. This has quickly become my new favorite go-to hat. Of course I am a little biased...

When it comes to turkey hunting, I treat it the same way as I do any other type of hunting. I layer my clothing for the situation to be comfortable and effective.

NOTE: All of the links that go to Amazon are affiliate links in which I make a small commission off of. I greatly appreciate your support in this.

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