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Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Article by: Beau Martonik

Photos by: Beau Martonik and Justin Mueller

Every September, I point the truck west and head for the Rocky Mountains in search of another grand adventure with some of my best buddies with hopes of coming home with some fond memories, stories and hopefully a cooler or two full of meat. When I started these types of trips, I was extremely unorganized and quite frankly - unprepared. It didn’t take long to realize that keeping organized and having the necessary gear when shit hits the fan makes the trip less stressful. I’m not just talking about hunting gear. Having your vehicle organized with the right equipment will let your mind rest assured that you are prepared for anything ahead.

Here is my gear list for extended hunting trips with my 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab. I have an ARE topper with a DECKED drawer system to keep my gear organized and dry. My truck is equipped with a 2.5” Rough Country Lift Kit and 33” BF Goodrich All-terrain KO2 tires. This system is built to be able to set up and take down camp very quickly and efficiently, so that I can be comfortable, but also be ready to take off early in the morning down the road, if needed.

Sleep System

James Baroud Evasion rooftop tent mounted to the top of my ARE topper on Yakima bars.

Inside DECKED system

Decked Ammo cans (4 corners)

Left Drawer

Fireside Outdoor pop-up pit and grilling grates Helinox Chair Hi-lift 48” jack Hi-lift jack winch kit Leather gloves - in the Hi-lift kit bag Tree strap - in the Hi-lift kit bag Choking chains ⅜” chain Misc. tools Slumberjack Roadhouse tarp Sea to summit pillow

Right Drawer

All Heather's Choice dinners All Heather's Choice breakfasts- Use code eastmeetswest for free shipping!! Black Rifle Coffee Instant Packets FBOMB Coconut and olive oil packets MTN OPS vitamins, Ignite, BCAA, Enduro trail packs - use code BEAUFREESHIP for free shipping!! Jetboil stove with fuel canisters (2) Sea to Summit Titanium Sporks (2)

Truck Bed (on top of DECKED system)

Hitch Carrier

Note: All gear items may vary for each trip, but this was my go-to setup for my 14 day elk hunt in Idaho last year, and it worked flawlessly! All links that are directed to Amazon are a part of the affiliate program, in which I make a small commission. I appreciate the support! All items in the East Meets West Outdoors Amazon store:

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